Month: October 2012

A_____ P______, “Larceny of Car”, 26 April 1935

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A_____ P_____ was seventeen when he was arrested for stealing a car. It was the only time in his life he would trouble the police. He still lives in New Castle (hence the redaction of his name), and this November he will celebrate his ninety-fifth birthday by playing in his polka band in front of family, friends and invited guests. And I’ll be there, too. At the end of November, I’m travelling to New Castle […]

Paul Hostinsky, “Drunk & Dis Cond, Resisting”, 26 December 1958

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Just after dark on the day after Christmas, 1958, the owner of the New Life Lunch on East Washington street called to a passing beat policeman that he needed help with an abusive customer. Paul Hostinsky had been drinking all afternoon and had caused a disruption when he was refused any more liquor. Officer Cubellis told Paul to get in a cab and leave. Paul kicked him in the balls. There was a scuffle. Paul […]