Month: October 2015


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Last week, after I published a mug shot story about a New Castle businessman who ran a beach resort on a stretch of the Neshannock behind the paper mill’s dam, a long-time reader of the site who happens to be a film maker in Hollywood met an actor with family connections to the area. The actor has a career stretching back┬ádecades, with roles in Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, L.A. Law and ER, and his […]

“A Goldmine”

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Hear what a former New Castle chief of police thinks about the Small Town Noir mug shots. Find out more at: More than a hundred stories of small-time true crime from New Castle PA will be featured in the Small Town Noir book. To support the book, and receive a copy when it’s published, go to the publisher’s website. Please do! And spread the word!