Guy Charles Bailey, "Intox Driver", 27 July 1948

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Guy Bailey was drafted into the US navy in 1943, at the age of seventeen, and spent two years operating teletype apparatus, climbing masts to maintain shipboard antennae and rendering sacks of classified messages into a slurry of ash and water, which he dumped over the side of the boat. By the time he came home from the war, not yet twenty, he had become a radioman, first class. New Castle had little use for teletype operators, so he worked in construction for a few years before the navy recalled him and sent him to Korea, where he passed his days doing what he had done in world war two. Between his wars, he married a woman called Agnes Lynch, had a son with her and drunkenly crashed his car into a parked car on Washington street.

After Korea, Charles went back to his construction job, where he worked until he died in 1975, at the age of 49, just two months after the death of his wife.

Sources: New Castle News (Dec 2, 1943 “In US Armed Service”; Nov 1, 1950 “Guy Charles Bailey Recalled to Navy”; Aug 2, 1975 “Deaths of the Day”)

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