William Charles Martin, "Burglary", 15 August 1946

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An empty car parked near the McKissock service station at Wilmington avenue and North Jefferson street attracted the attention of two cruiser patrolmen in the early hours of 15th August 1946. A flashlight search of the forecourt revealed a scared young man hiding under the brush at the north end of the lot. He ran off but was caught and dragged back to the cruiser. He told the policemen he was LeRoy Munson, from Neshannock avenue, and that he was acting as a look-out for his friend, William Martin, who was robbing the station.

William had watched the arrest from inside the building. It would have been helpful for him later on if he had thought to replace the $10.73 in change that he had taken from the cash register, but he didn’t. Neither did he attempt to escape or resist when the officers came in to arrest him. He and LeRoy were charged with burglary later that morning.

There is no further trace of William. Two years after the robbery, it was reported that LeRoy Munson suffered lacerations and contusions of the abdomen “when a plow fell on him while riding a tractor”.

Sources: New Castle News (“Police Nab Men In Gas Station”, August 16 1946; “Man Injured”, 18 May 1948).


  1. You are incredible. Thank you so much for this totally titillating leap back through time! I love it, and you are not only an intrepid researcher but a great storyteller as well.

  2. Thanks, Alexis. It really means a lot to hear that you like the stories. It’s great to know that someone enjoys them – it makes it much more worth while that way…

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