Sophia Lyshooka, “Abduction”, 2 Feb 1946

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NOTE: An updated version of this story can be found here.

Sophia Lyshooka was sixteen years old and married when she was admitted to hospital in 1942. Four years later, at the age of twenty, she was arrested for the crime of abduction. Those two facts, and whatever can be discerned in this photograph, are all that is known of her.

Sources: New Castle News, 24 July 1942, “Hospital Notes”. 


    • Thanks so much for that. I’m sure there are more parts of her story to be found, with the right amount of digging.

  1. sandy sweet says

    My name is Sandy and I have an aunt named Sophie Lyskooka (maiden name) Julius Lyskooka was my mother’s brother who died
    in the war. I don’t think this is a picture of my aunt Sophie and as far as I know my uncle Julius was never married

  2. I found in the newspaper she hadn’t missed one day of school while in the 5th grade

    • I’ve done more research and found out a lot more. I’ll update this post when I’ve sorted it all out — check back soon!

  3. Christina McDanel says

    I can help with Sophie Liskooka. Please contact me as I am trying to find her daughter she gave up for adoption. I would like to know who she was married to also. Thank you.

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