How Small Town Noir came to be

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People often ask how I found these mug shots and why I chose to write about them, and I’ve usually given what I feel are rather inadequate answers (I suppose because I’m more interested in the stories behind the mug shots than the story behind the blog).  However, when the editors of the history journal, The Appendix, asked me to write an article for them about my research, I took the opportunity to set out my thoughts on the whole business for the first time. If you’d like to know more, go here: “Mug Shots: A Small Town Noir“.


      • dave campbell says

        Am very grateful for your efforts concerning my hometown. Born there in 1943,so can relate to many of your stories. Check out the website: for historical pictures/info of this great area. Your ending of a glory that once was, never to be revisited, may be analogous to America. I have shared your article with several others.

        Thanks profusely, and as the high school emblem states: Perge Modem.

  1. Thanks, Dave. That website is a treasure trove. The author’s done a lot of good work on it, just as New Castle deserves. Perge Modem to you, too.

  2. Amazing. I grew up in New Castle and was always mesmerized by my Grandmother’s tales of her childhood in Mahoningtown during the Great Depression. She was one of ten children born to Italian immigrant parents and spent her entire life there (along with her siblings and their families). It’s sad to see the ruins of a once vibrant town, but stories like yours (and my Grandma’s) help bring it back to life. I’m certain she would have remembered many of these characters and incidents.

    Great stories. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Dana. It’s always good to hear that someone who grew up in New Castle approves of what I’m doing — lets me know I’m not way off track, which is a constant worry!

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