Joseph Pacelli, “Burglary”, 8 November 1940

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Joseph Pacelli

When he was sixteen, Joseph Pacelli and three of his friends from the south side worked for two weeks to construct a diving helmet. They used an old hot water tank for the head piece, to which they attached an inner tube valve and several yards of hose. They made a window in the front of the helmet and attached steel pipes to its base so it would be heavy enough to sink. They installed a telephone mouth and ear set, connected to seven dry cells, which the diver could use to talk to the boys on the surface who would supply him with air using an automobile pump. Joseph demonstrated the apparatus for a reporter from the New Castle News, staying submerged in Big Run creek for five minutes.

Four years later, Joseph was arrested—along with David Bullano, the brother of Frank Bullano—for robbing Smokey’s poolroom, the Blue Bird shoeshine parlor, the Canteen saloon and an Atlantic avenue gas station. The total sum stolen was $28. He was sent to Huntingdon reformatory. There is no further record of his life.

Sources: New Castle News (26 July 1936, “South Side Boys Make Diver’s Helmet”; 11 November 1940, “Trio Pleads Guilty To Recent Robberies”; 14 December 1940, “Court Imposes Sentences Upon Many Offenders).

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