Larry Cardwell, “Desertion US Navy”, 8 January 1963

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The crowdfunding campaign for the Small Town Noir book continues! If you haven’t been to the book’s page on the publisher’s website yet, please have a look. Also, please consider sharing the page with anyone who might be interested in making the book a reality (and owning a copy themselves, of course). The more people know about it, the more likely it is to happen! Here’s the link again:


Larry Cardwell, an ordinary boy from New Castle, was arrested three months before his death. It’s strange to think that his mug shot was the last picture anyone took of him.

This video is two minutes long, and uses home-movie footage that was shot by Larry’s crewmates on the summer 1961 voyage of the USS Franklin D Roosevelt, the only tour that Larry completed. I’m grateful to for making the films available.

Please share it, and point people to where they can support a book of the true stories behind a unique collection of mug shots from one small American town.


  1. Wow – this has amazing impact with the video clips. And great narration.Thanks, as always.

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