Robert Tipper “Susp”, 17 July 1943

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Robert Tipper married Josephine Mills in the summer of 1939. The week before their fourth anniversary, at one o’clock on a Sunday morning, Josephine hit Robert with a meat cleaver, splitting his forehead and his nose. They had been drinking.

The police found Robert in the street by the post office. They took him to the hospital, where he remained for two weeks. When he was discharged, he was arrested on an open charge of suspicion. He was released after being questioned and photographed. There is no further record of Robert, or of Josephine.

Sources: New Castle News (11 July 1939, “Marriage Applications”; 21 July 1939, “Shower For Bride”; 6 July 1943, “Seek Woman In Attack On Man”; 17 July 1943, “Around City Hall”; 19 July 1943, “Discharge Tipper”).


  1. Out Than In
    by atrmws

    Loretta (he always called her that, never by her Christian name), why would you do that, why would you take that blade to me; because, my Robert, he’d been a naughty, dirty boy, he’d come home stinking and crawling and being with her and I didn’t like that and I sought to set the devil free from his head. Better it be free than turn his bobby-blues to other women, better it be me that saves him from himself. I heard the preacher say the same, I heard the preacher say the same.

    Devil lives behind the eyes
    Devil loves his living lies
    Devil better out than in, better
    Dead than live in sin

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