Nick Flueras, "Intox Driver", 22 August 1948

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Nick Flueras came from Warren, just over the Ohio border. He was driving through New Castle on a Sunday night in 1948 when he crashed his car into another car that was waiting for the lights to change at the junction of Atlantic avenue and West Washington street.

A city physician determined that Nick was under the influence of liquor but another physician, engaged by Nick himself, said that the symptoms that had been attributed to drunkenness were the effects of shock. The police charged Nick with drunken driving and released him on bail, but the case never came to court. The conflicting evidence made the process more trouble than it was worth.

Nick returned to Warren, where he had a three-year-old son, Nick, Jr, who had been born when Nick was overseas with the army during the war. Shortly afterwards, the Flueras family moved to Anaheim, California, where Nick, Jr, grew up to become a juvenile burglar and stick-up man. In 1970, he received a life sentence for the kidnap and rape of a waitress during one of his robberies. He was twenty-four at the time; Nick was fifty-three.

Nick died in Anaheim in 1983, at the age of sixty-seven.

Sources: New Castle News (August 23, 1948, “Drunken Driving Charged Against Warren Motorist”; August 24 1948, “Ohio Man to Receive Hearing”); Los Angeles Times, 25 Aug 1963, “The Week In Review”; Long Beach Press-Telegram, February 6, 1970, “Kidnap Suspect Arraignment Set”.

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