John Tomski, “Robbery”, 29 March 1947

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John Tomski

John Tomski was one of nine children who grew up on a farm outside New Castle. He was sixteen when his father, Frank, died. His mother kept the farm running, with the help of her sons, except for Gene, who joined the army and spent six years in Germany, and Chester, who was in jail most of the time.

When he was twenty-three, John followed Pete Baranski as he walked home from a bar on Long avenue and attacked him when he got to his front door, taking his wallet. Pete recognised Chester, and the police picked him up the next morning. He was fined $1 and jailed for two to four months.

A few years later, John got a job with Seltzer and Young construction. He worked there as a cement mixer for twenty-one years, until he died in 1974, at the age of forty-eight.

Sources: New Castle News (6 July 1940, “Deaths Of The Day”; 29 March 1947, “Arrest Youth On Holdup Charge”; 3 April 1947, “Sentence Court”; 2 July 1953, “Sgt Tomski Home After 6 years Away”; 30 May 1974, “Deaths Of The Day”).


  1. Mario E Perkins says

    Worked w/ a Jeff Tomski & a Eugene Tomski during the 2000’s, Jeff was a really cool guy (R.I.P.)

  2. James Tomski says

    Hi Diarmid ,
    My father was John Tomski
    I never knew any of this , I was like wow It just blow me away read all this stuff .
    My brother was Jeff Tomski
    I never knew too much stuff on my father and his brothers , Matter fact I don’t think I’ve ever met his brothers , I’ve heard of their names before but that’s about it , I’ve always wondered about my father’s family , I just wish I was able to meet a few of them befor they pass, Just to see if they had any children it’s like I’m the only one left on that side of the family, but anyways thanks Diarmid It was kinda good to read up on some of this once again thank you

    • I’m glad I was able to give you some information, James. I can give your father’s mug shot to you, if you’d like it. Let me know if you do and I’ll email you so you can send me your address. Thanks for writing!

  3. James Tomski says

    Hi Diarmid , would you happen to know we’re my farther’s John Tomski
    Childhood farmhouse with his mother where was it located outside of NEW CASTLE ?
    here is my email armyoif1 @
    Thanks again Diarmid I appreciate it

    • Hi James – all I can tell you is that the farm was on West Pittsburg Road, south of New Castle, which isn’t actually a very long stretch of road. The news reports never gave particularly accurate addresses for places outside of town. I think people either knew where the place was or they didn’t, and if they didn’t, they could always ask.

      I’ll email you for your address.

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